TypeAhead Product Survey

Market research on existing TypeAhead products


Alt Coins

Finding Potential Alternative Coins

Creating Token, NFT using Solana

Solana CLI Usage

Google Chrome on Linux

How to Install Google Chrome on Different Linux Distributions

Fedora Linux Motley

Fedora Linux Time Machine / Knowledge base

dotnet core Hello World with Entity Framework and Database

Dennis Ritchie - The C Programming Language

Small excerpt from book The C Programming Language

Powershell Core Useful Commands

Powershell Core Cheat Sheet and Intro


Powershell Core Cmdlets

Switch among multiple Git Config/Profiles using Powershell

use git cli to switch among multiple Git Config/Profiles

Useful Git Commands

Legacy Powershell Useful Commands


Command Line for Utilities and Tools

Rheumatoid Vasculitis and Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (GPA)

Hospitals in India

Hospitals in Dhaka An Overview

BIRDEM General Hospital Review

Example Medical Situation in Bangladesh Capital City

Wyam with Cake Build, Github pages and Azure Pipeline (Windows Server 2019)

WiFi Networking with Powershell and netsh

Math Notations

mathematical notations, latex tests

Useful Windows Commands

Python Language Reference

Mercurial Useful Commands

Bhagalpur Sadar Hospital - A Sad Review

Example Medical Situation in Bangladesh

Fix File Ownership / Readonly Attribute


Binary Related Problems

Azure Cloud CLI Windows Container Instance

Hands-on features of Azure CLI, account, group, container etc


dotnet core Hello World with Entity Framework and Database in 2018

Regular Expressions

RegEx examples primarily for notepad++

InterOp Calling C++ from C#

System Programming

Fibonacci Heap

Markdown Editor and Related Tools


Python Editors online

Quick Sort


Subversion Basics

Sample Coding Template for Problem Solvers in C++


Cleaning up or resetting a partition table

Master playbook on partition table troubles on a USB Key / Flash Drive / Hard Drive

Operating System Installation on GPT Disks (EFI boot enabled Systems)


C++ ifstream::get method overloads


Multi-threaded Windows C++ Application

Check Window Handle before Updating Child Items