Creating Token, NFT using Solana

Solana CLI Usage

Published on Sunday, 24 October 2021

Using the Token Program we are able to create fungible and non-fungible tokens.


We need the token program to be able to accomplish those. We follow official documentation: SPL Solana Token. We need a Linux Machine or VM with about 16GB or more main memory. Free tier aws linux vm doesn't work.

  • Install Rust

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
  • Install Solana CLI

As per solana docs - install-solana-cli-tools we install solana cli and export its installation location into PATH variable.

sh -c "$(curl -sSfL"
export PATH="/home/atiq/.local/share/solana/install/active_release/bin:$PATH"

Install required packages for building spl-token-cli,

sudo dnf install openssl-devel --assumeyes
sudo dnf install libudev-devel --assumeyes

Finally, we install the token library program,

cargo install spl-token-cli

aws free tier linux VM usually hit following OOM error,

could not compile libsecp256k1 signal: 9, SIGKILL: kill

Once the build is successful, we check config,

$ solana config get
Config File: /home/atiq/.config/solana/cli/config.yml
WebSocket URL: wss:// (computed)
Keypair Path: /home/atiq/.config/solana/id.json 
Commitment: confirmed 

By default, RPC is set to mainnet. Let's change it to dev so that we can do some interesting experiments.

$ solana config set --url
Config File: /home/atiq/.config/solana/cli/config.yml
WebSocket URL: wss:// (computed)
Keypair Path: /home/atiq/.config/solana/id.json 
Commitment: confirmed 

To get keypair let's create a FileSystem Wallet.

Creating File System Wallet

main reference:

It is insecure because the keypair files are unencrypted.

Let's create key pair,

$ mkdir ~/solana-wallet

$ solana-keygen new --outfile ~/solana-wallet/keypair.json
Generating a new keypair
For added security, enter a BIP39 passphrase

NOTE! This passphrase improves security of the recovery seed phrase NOT the
keypair file itself, which is stored as insecure plain text

BIP39 Passphrase (empty for none): 
Wrote new keypair to /home/atiq/solana-wallet/keypair.json
pubkey: 5cESBj8D4d6heCiYTKxJSs5Adtbf9rsFedVoZJnRRM7c
Save this seed phrase and your BIP39 passphrase to recover your new keypair:
key battle mystery control bonus manual thought jazz kidney slam plastic token

Verify, just in case,

solana-keygen verify 5cESBj8D4d6heCiYTKxJSs5Adtbf9rsFedVoZJnRRM7c ~/solana-wallet/keypair.json

Creating Tokens

If we have successfully previous sections we can create Tokens now.

Let's set keypair in solana config that we got from file system wallet (previous section),

$ solana config set --keypair $HOME/solana-wallet/keypair.json
Config File: /home/atiq/.config/solana/cli/config.yml
WebSocket URL: wss:// (computed)
Keypair Path: /home/atiq/solana-wallet/keypair.json 
Commitment: confirmed

We need some SOL to perform our next actions.

$ solana airdrop 1
Requesting airdrop of 1 SOL
Signature: 6GVKHvFdBrTC93i4m7Jp2o12VLVsSyJFYHHBvcXBMwSsa8MBz83TCnfDgcijrUHBcuZrsyud4d5oUrBFMfUyt1tM

Creating Fungible Token

Let's create token,

spl-token create-token
Creating token GjvWk83m1vKQjmQU2dPnLTRvAKjtAKsAmKKNu7Gyk93
Signature: 2ivgjD3N7xpj2vhDg4YoF3gYMAwkytmbydYeyWVRLzFuUYusUZ4oko6eLTMAws4NKW9YtUuFTcMfEQHYiwgceaCD

Mint 100 new tokens,

spl-token mint GjvWk83m1vKQjmQU2dPnLTRvAKjtAKsAmKKNu7Gyk93 100
Minting 100 tokens
Token: GjvWk83m1vKQjmQU2dPnLTRvAKjtAKsAmKKNu7Gyk93
Recipient: F8xUCvGx19sZJVy1cMkZgFRMmU7DWCyXTzDebDzDPnwv
Signature: 5i2y9eBAYipJVGsqU6fLR8q61CgJpX1B9iU6BdHh5iPcE9JtefsGPJ7nKQuEjGSqVxqXKHAPC5hPFp7uSzXJpJMn

Check token supply,

$ spl-token supply GjvWk83m1vKQjmQU2dPnLTRvAKjtAKsAmKKNu7Gyk93

Check token balance,

$ spl-token balance GjvWk83m1vKQjmQU2dPnLTRvAKjtAKsAmKKNu7Gyk93


$ spl-token accounts
Token                                         Balance
GjvWk83m1vKQjmQU2dPnLTRvAKjtAKsAmKKNu7Gyk93   100

Creating NFT

[TODO] will post after fixing AWS RHEL instance..

Notes on Ubuntu Build

Requires following,

sudo apt install pkg-config libssl-dev libudev-dev

Otherwise it complains,

Package openssl was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `openssl.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
No package 'openssl' found

A successful build looks like this,

$ tail ~/logs/solana_log.txt
Compiling zstd v0.5.4+zstd.1.4.7
Compiling solana-account-decoder v1.7.11
Compiling solana-transaction-status v1.7.11
Compiling solana-client v1.7.11
Compiling solana-cli-output v1.7.11
Compiling spl-token-cli v2.0.15
    Finished release [optimized] target(s) in 6m 47s
Installing /home/atiq/.cargo/bin/spl-token
Installed package `spl-token-cli v2.0.15` (executable `spl-token`)
warning: be sure to add `/home/atiq/.cargo/bin` to your PATH to be able to run the installed binaries