Hospitals in Dhaka An Overview

Published on Thursday, 28 November 2019

Best Hospitals in Dhaka

To find some good Hospitals in Bangladesh we have to look at affluent medical centers in Dhaka. There is no such thing as Best Hospital in Bangladesh. It's a mix of bad and good experience, bit of luck, type of disease and level of in patient.

Public hospitals here are rife with negligence, overflow of patients and reputation of not so hygiene place for patients.

  • Dhaka Medical Hospital
  • PG / BSMMU

There is an example of negligence, where an elderly patient died in Dhaka Medical due to not taking so good care of a diabetes patient.

To get appointments in most public hospitals, sometimes you need political influence, birbery or power. For some, being part of a nearby school campus helps.

Among private hospitals a few mentionables are,

  • Green Life
  • Apollo
  • Padma
  • NINS
  • Birdem, review

ABM Abdullah in Central Hospital

Specialists are scattered across private and public hospitals.

Dialysis Facilities

For kidney patients, dialysis is like oxygen to breathe. Please, be careful about pneumonia (vaccinate ahead). In foreign countries, there might be stem cell treatments to parmamnently cure Kidney problems.

Sonar Bangla Foundation Bangladesh
Shyamoli, Dhaka 1207
Phone: +880 2-9143676

Central Hospital, unfortunately, doesn't have dialysis yet.


Few points,

  • For kidney related diseases, it might as well be a good idea to consult with neurology and oncology.
  • There are plenty of examples where a poor diagnosis took place or wrong diagnosis did occur which resulted a seriously worse condition of patients or they died.
  • Transportation: Dhaka City is pretty busy and suffers high traffic situations. Hence, be prepared to spend time on the road while travelling to places.

If you are a foreigner, considering treatment travelling to Bangladesh it's probably not a good idea unless you are just trying to save money.

  • You could use a translator if there's language barrier i.e., you don't know Bangla or English language. Please be aware that average demography don't speak English.
  • For acquiring VISA to india for treatment, it might help to provide appointment document with the hospital/specialist.

Data Plans A good cell phone carrier helps. It's easy to register a SIM card with one of the carriers to make communication easier to make cals to hospitals or local Bangladesh contacts. Few careers are GrameenPhone, Robi, Airtel. Your roaming service might cover you as well for calling and data; however, please note that cellphone plans are cheaper in Bangladesh compared to other countries. It's better to just utilize that.