BIRDEM General Hospital Review

Example Medical Situation in Bangladesh Capital City

Published on Thursday, 28 November 2019

BIRDEM: google review link As a friend quotes,

Cost is similar to private but environment is identical to public hospitals.

  • ** Bed bugs are real **: there are bed bugs, dirty environment in wards and cabins follows.
  • wards fees of private, but condition is public.. cabins have few patients..
  • most times doctors are resistant on showing report or taking photos of those. hard to get access to Sr Doctor, talks over phone with Sr Doctor, sometimes there are delays in treatment due to that.
  • You need to keep people around the patient during every treatment/dialysis session. Chances are if things go wrong, Nurses might not notice it. They might as well just blame the patient for anything bad happened for example, say that patient moved and saline got disconnected which result cotting of blood. This is their excuse while the patient is unable to move at all. They won't apologize despite their fault/negligence. They even kick you out if you speak out due to their mistake. After all, you are victim.