Mercurial Useful Commands

Published on Thursday, 14 November 2019

List files changed in previous commit,

hg show D12345678 --stat --template 'List of files: \n{files}\n'
hg show tip~2

Show commit log by short-id,

hg show 501c70899

Show commit with file names only,

hg show --stat --template 'List of files: \n{files}\n'

Fancy syntax, demonstrating spaces, blank lines etc

hg show D123456 --ignore-all-space --ignore-space-change --ignore-blank-lines --ignore-space-at-eol --exclude "extra_configs/*"

hg status has an equivalent. . represents current HEAD of bookmark/repo,

hg status --rev .~1:.

using alias tip (=HEAD) here's one more example,

hg status --rev tip~1:tip

Examining differentials

show current diff (uncommitted),

hg diff

show difference w.r.t revisions,

hg diff --rev tip~1::tip

same as above, but with exclude syntax and demonstrate whilte-space and newline changes,

hg diff --rev tip~1::tip --ignore-all-space --ignore-space-change --ignore-blank-lines --ignore-space-at-eol --exclude "extra_configs/*"

supparts naming to bookmarks,

hg diff --rev D12345~1::D12345

Creating traditional diff/patch file trying some patch related cmd, but, it's not working,

hg diff --rev tip -p > 'Feature engineering for my awesome project.patch'

Status to see file list changed,

hg status --rev tip~1:tip


specifying soure of rebase toward a destination,

hg rebase --source e630a3b5 --dest -d master

revisions can be named using bookmarks,

hg rebase --source D12345-MyCoolFeature --dest master

To identify the working directory or specified revision,

hg identify
64541997a288 tip events_text_location_node


Example to revert a file to previous commit,

hg revert --rev tip~1 my_file_path
hg revert --rev master file_path

get a clean state of file similar to git reset all,

hg revert --all

Following seems awesome,

hg revert --rev .~1 --all
hg revert --rev .~1 file_path..
hg revert --rev .~1 file_path

Revert a file to specific revision (short-id in example, would work with any commit id),

hg revert --rev d48959b33 users/tests/

in case of a terrible merge conflict on json files, we can undo that,

hg revert --rev .~1 materialized_configs/search/*


Find short-id of latest commit,

hg log -l 1 --template="{node|short} {date} {author}\n"

check log,

hg log -l 10

Find log of a specific file,

hg log file_path

Find commit logs by user name,

hg log -u 'Atiq Rahman'

common cmds,

hg rebase
hg fold
hg forget

this will also delete the file,

hg remove

hg command line to do checkout with first 9 digits/letters as SHA id of the commit,

hg checkout 3d5b62937

get hg log upto 10 commits,

hg log -l 10

Show content of a file in specific revision,

hg cat --rev 2e5af81a file_path

checkout to a specific revision and also to delete current change,

hg checkout d48959b331d747a10603ebdbef608ff2080a25a0 --clean

Bring current changes for tracker bookmarks/branches,

hg pull

To update specific bookmark,

hg pull
hg rebase --dest master

Or, in single line,

hg pull --bookmark master --rebase

View hg history (actually journal)

hg reflog


$ hg journal -v
previous locations of '.':
ae1a4365ac25 -> 1f42eb37f4fc atiq     2019-11-25 12:15 -0800  amend
ca82aa92fa48 -> ae1a4365ac25 atiq     2019-11-25 12:14 -0800  unshelve shelve_5ddc3610aa3b0
ae1a4365ac25 -> ca82aa92fa48 atiq     2019-11-25 12:14 -0800  unshelve shelve_5ddc3610aa3b0
ae1a4365ac25,6f878a7e4100 -> ae1a4365ac25 atiq     2019-11-25 12:14 -0800  unshelve shelve_5ddc3610aa3b0
... ...

After finding commit sha of interest we can do hg reset.


The other name of branches, to create and checkout,

hg checkout --rev master --bookmark pages_exp


hg bookmark --rename old_name new_name

And we can use --force in case of a conflict.

Just create,

hg bookmark --rev master trebek_exp

mercurial on Solaris (2017-02)

mercurial and webrev (diffs) Some commands

hg config --edit

During webRTI, we do,

hg commit -m '22720551 aalib should switch from slang to ncurses'

Searching inside component projects We automate some stuff for components using /opt/onbld/bin/pbchk,

hg pbchk
hg: unknown command 'pbchk'
Mercurial Distributed SCM

hg config --edit
the user name first hg edit --

$ pbchk
-ksh: pbchk: not found [No such file or directory]

hg commit -m remove
hg recommit
hg push ssh://

some examples,

hg serve
hg view
hg log -G

hg tip - absolute
hg parent
hg summary - working dir and tons of other thing
hg reconnect

Rewriting history

commit id/hashes will change for changing some of the fields There are phases

  • public commits are immutable though

amend example,

hg commit --amend -m "include missed file"