WiFi Networking with Powershell and netsh

Published on Friday, 22 November 2019

Please be aware of notation below in command outlines. $ represents a command and rests of the lines following that line are output. The tradition is to utilize the "> " prompt for Windows Command Shell, however, I come from a Unix background and I defy that.

Network related cmdlets are in post: powershell-cmdlets. Network shell related commands moved to win-cmd-tools.

Modem + WiFI Router Best Practices

Few points,

  1. Reboot modem every few months.
  2. Major internet provider pushes firmware udpates in specific intervals.
  3. Inquire internet provider customer service in case of speed throttling, slow speed or if a maintenance is required from their side.


  1. ms technet - Get Wireless Network SSID and Password with PowerShell
  2. netsh wlan commands
  3. changing autoconnect properties for some networks
  4. disabling unnecessary network adapters
  5. Some possible default passwords for networks / routers / gateways
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