Bhagalpur Sadar Hospital - A Sad Review

Example Medical Situation in Bangladesh

Published on Thursday, 31 October 2019

google review link of Bhagalpur Sadar Hospital.

This review is based on recent experience with an elderly patient during Octocber 2019.

If you have a complicated disease they have a high chance of wrongly diagnosing and can get you into more trouble. There are not many specialist doctors here.

Some of their machines are old and buggy, might actually do harm than good giving you false indication in report!

They wrongly diagnosis one of our family members and now he is fighting for life in a hospital in Dhaka going through better diagnosis procedure. The doctor who treated the patient is Golam Hossain. I wish they did not put the patient into powerful doses of medication without understanding what would be implication for the disease he has.

  • There is high risk of mis-diagonising a patient in this hospital.
  • There is dialysis facility. But, guess what, for our patient, they were not able to identify the trouble in Kidney and suggested medicines in a different area.
  • If admitted in hospital, for older patients, with complications all they do is apply Saline and injections.
  • A doctor has no desire to see a Patient admitted by another doctor. It's a matter of business. Probably, doctor who admits the patients benefits the most unlike other hospitals and hence, other doctors don't have incentives.
  • Every doctor want to admit the patient under them and wanna do a bunch of tests and reports whether those are repeat or unnecessary.
  • They release the admitted patient in a hurry if they feel they won't be able to handle it. A hefty bill is followed, to be paid by patient's family whether patient is cured or not.
  • They won't be cooperating in providing reports till release, doctors have all those documents in their custody till release.

In summary,

  • It's an okay Hospital for simple diseases. Don't get admitted just visit doctor in chamber.
  • Cross check prescriptions with specialists in the disease area.
  • Don't ever get admitted if you need specialists from multiple areas, they make this really hard and waste time!!