Markdown Editors and Tools

Published on Sunday, 04 February 2018

Document publishing using markdown

Example markdown doc from msdn async programming C#,

While blogging using markdown on wordpress adam P's Markdown Cheatsheet is handy.

Markdown Editors Online

Here are few online tools available directly for editing in markdown syntax,

blogifier now has markdown as default editor, try a demo!

Markdown in Blogging Platforms

markdown in blog services such as in blogger usually requires manually converting the markdown source to html. After we get the html we can post them in the blog using html source view. Some people use an alternative solution: a mix of github and javascript to solve this problem. First one below uses this to render markdown along with scientific equations.

Markdown in wordpress

wordpress recently added the feature of enabling markdown syntax for writing. This is pretty neat. - support provides instruction how to enable the feature. They also provide a Markdown quick reference

However, if you are writing scientific equations you can find troubles.

Scientific equation writing in Markdown solution for Wordpress mathalope shows how to do it using the combination of self-hosted wordpress and javascript mathjax.

Markdown in blogger

Saliya's Blogs - Blogging with Markdown in Blogger shows how to do this in blogger.

Markdown in Wiki Systems

pandoc allows viewing wiki syntax differences along with markdown.

Projects on github, simplemde-markdown-editor

StackExchange's C# markdown, Which Markdown library is used? ref